How to Obtain the ACNP

Base Exam

All candidates for the designation must pass a base exam as specified in the CNP Guidelines. The base exams are to be considered stand alone exams. The fact that some of them are part of other industry certifications and qualify for certifications on their own (example Network +) does not prevent the candidate from utilizing the certification awarded, as a result of passing any base exam, for meeting the requirements for the CNP.

The Candidate may use the Associate CNP (ACNP) designation. The continuing education and the annual recertification requirements are the same.

How to Convert the ACNP

The process to convert to a CNP, once the remaining requirements have been met, is to:

Resubmit the CNP application and References
Submit proof of active NPA membership
Pay a fee of $100.
Annual Recertification

Network Professional Association The CNP program was developed and funded by the Network Professional Association® (NPA). The NPA is a self-regulating, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the network computing profession.

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