Why Hire CNP Holders

  1. Rigorous designation criteria ensure CNP-designated professionals will be superior contributors to an organization's bottom-line.
  2. Customers are assured of high-quality network systems being used to develop and support products and services.
  3. The perception of an organization is enhanced internationally through broad recognition of the CNP.
  4. One hundred hours of professional training completed every year by each CNP, ensures an organization is applying the best of current practices.
  5. Access to the educational resources and networking opportunities provided by the NPA, keeps contractors and staff current and informed.
  6. An increasing number of CNP holders internationally.
  7. Effective self-regulation of the profession provides confidence to customers and the general public while avoiding the burden of regulation.
  8. Supporting staff to receive and maintain the CNP reflects an organization's appreciation that their staffs are professionals.
  9. There will be one place that an employer or client can contact to verify all of your certifications and experience as well as the status of your CNP

Why CNP?

The Certified Network Professional or CNP is the professional international network designation for Network Information Technology (IT) professionals in the world. The Network Professional Association (NPA), the international association of networking IT professionals, introduced the CNP designation in 1996 providing a demonstrated history of professionalism.

The CNP designation requires demonstrated mastery of a body of IT and networking knowledge and the demonstrated ability to apply that knowledge in a professional setting. CNP holders are required to re-certify every year to show that they maintain up-to-date networking IT skills and best practices.

Like other professional designations —professional engineers and certified public accountants — the CNP demonstrates that its holders possess the education and experience to practice to the highest standards in their field.

Why does the CNP designation matter?

To the IT Practitioner:

The CNP designation boosts your:
· Sustained career development and growth;
· Collaboration opportunities;
· Speaking, writing, leadership progression;
· Profile, respect, credibility; and
· Demonstrated professional image.

To the IT Profession:

The CNP designation establishes and maintains the highest standards of:
· Sustained and validated professional development;
· Demonstrated and proven professional practice and high competency;
· Trusted ethics and conduct; and
· Protection of public safety through established complaint and disciplinary procedures.

To Employers and Clients:

They know they can count on the CNP holder’s:
· Sustained excellence and adherence to professionalism and professional standards;
· Ongoing professional development producing increasing value;
· Prerequisite education and experience;
· Proof of knowledge of the latest standards and best practices;

· Diversity of skills;
· Commitment to proven competence, integrity, ethical conduct and trustworthiness; and
· Highest-quality work and productivity that will bolster the “bottom line” with increased savings and profits.

The Certified Network Professional program brings the networking information technology profession up to date with a true and proven international professional designation geared towards a lifelong career and demonstrated career development.

An independent and trusted industry designation, the CNP embodies the ideals of the professional — education, experience, reputability, and stability — providing the professionally significant credentials in a growing industry.


The CNP designation represents honour, excellence, accomplishment, success,
experience, education, and the ability to strive in a life long career in the information technology networking industry. A life of accomplishments is publicly recognized. Employers and peers look for individuals representing and furthering the best professional attributes represented in the CNP designation. The CNP encompasses vendor and product certifications, advanced education degrees and training, bona fide network experience, and continual professional development into a single designation. Diplomas, certificates, resumes are enhanced and supported by background verification for experience, ethics and financial stability.


Career driven Networking Information Technology Professionals experienced in the broad category of computer networking and closely related fields seek the professional validation stemming from a CNP. Networking IT Professionals want a professional designation with demonstrable work experience supported by education, good business ethics and reputation, and stability. IT professionals, Educators and Leaders in the network computing profession are qualified to receive the special distinction of the CNP.

Next step?

Learn about Certification, the requirements and prerequisites to achieve the CNP and for those not fully qualified the associate program called, ACNP.


Network Professional Association The CNP program was developed and funded by the Network Professional Association® (NPA), a self-regulating, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the network computing profession.

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As the CNP grows in international recognition noted professional and educational organizations recognize the validity in achieving professional levels of accomplishment. In return the CNP gives recognition for their rigorosity and dedication to the professional. The CNP provides incentive credits to members of these organization who achieve to high standards:


British Computing Society (BCS) **

Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS)

Electronics Technicians Association, International(ETA)